Against the backdrop of dramatic political and social crises a hundred years ago, the series follows the story of a young pilot who:
  • Helps Glenn Curtiss defeat the Wright brothers in the first era of international air races - Book II: THE FLEDGLING: 1905-1912 (Amazon Link: Book II:THE FLEDGLING: 1905-1912)
  • Attends West Point (Class of 1916) and, together with the airplane during the first two years of WW I, begins to grow up - Book III: APPRENTICE WARRIOR: 1912-1916 (Amazon Link: Book III: APPRENTICE WARRIOR: 1912-1916);
  • Joins the Royal Flying Corps in time to fly the Nieuport 17 with 60 Squadron in the first Somme Campaign - Book IV: TEST OF BATTLE: 1916 (Amazon Link: Book IV: TEST OF BATTLE: 1916);