After Whit's retirement from the Army in 1970, for the next decade he engaged in research in China studies and strategic policy planning at the RAND Corporation, the Stanford Research Institute and BDM Corporation. During the 1970’s he lectured at the Air and Army Command and General Staff Colleges, the Air War College, the Army War College, the Central Intelligence Agency, Columbia University, the Foreign Service Institute, the Harvard Business School, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, the National War College and the United States Air Force and Military Academies.


In addition to numerous articles and papers for the RAND Corporation, he edited The Military and Political Power in China in the 1970’s (1972); Doing Business With China (1972); and Foreign Policy and U.S. National security: Major Post Election Issues (1973) and wrote The Chinese High Command: A History of Military Politics (1956-71) (1973). In 1975, he joined the Library of Congress as Chief of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division of the Congressional Research Service.